A monthly tabletop roleplaying series containing hours of content leveraging our innovative Aperture System

The Quickstart Rules for APERTURE have been expanded to include Character Progression and how to build the

Character's influence within an APERTURE game. Click here for the most up to date Quickstart Rules available. 

                                              is a monthly tabletop roleplaying series designed to introduce players to the APERTURE System, as well as provide hours of playable content covering a wide breadth of genres and settings.


The December 2019 issue is slated for release at the end of the month, and will feature "The Build", a game in which Players must design and weaponize a vast dungeon used to publicly execute criminals amidst political unrest in the capital city of a powerful empire. 

APERTURE is a custom resolution system for tabletop gaming that leverages a single die – the iconic D20 – to determine literally all outcomes. There are no damage rolls or tables of modifiers to apply regardless of the circumstance.


Highly interpretable, APERTURE rewards player choice, strategy, and tactics, and allows for a high degree of coordination and planning between allied characters through its Block Turn mechanic.


Further, APERTURE’s Aid and Tandem mechanics allow players to draw on Characters’ knowledge and skills to support not only others’ attempts but their own as well.

In addition to those features noted above…


Active Defense:  Characters in APERTURE roll for defense, often to the attacker’s detriment

Momentum:  Combat Skills can generate additional Actions per Turn

Targeted Effects:  Players can identify precise effects and conditions they would like to add to any roll

About Us


Curious Monk was founded in early 2019 by Marin & Amber O’Connor after preliminary development of their first full-scale RPG began

Marin created the APERTURE System and is the lead designer of game content appearing in The Aperture Guide and an unannounced tabletop RPG title

Amber leverages both her financial acumen and design background to keep Marin out of trouble and provide maps and illustrations from time to time

The Aperture Guide was created to convey the values of the APERTURE system and provide a wide array of content to early adopters

CURIOUS MONK operates out of Johns Creek, Georgia, USA


If you are interested in contributing to The APERTURE Guide, or would like to discuss licensing opportunities, please:



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