As you’re no doubt aware, Curious Monk is a small family operation. Amber and I started it with expectations that, perhaps naïve, were such that we invested a lot of time into building it and publishing The APERTURE Guide. But, as you might also imagine, we have day jobs and family life to support. You get it.

Also, we originally viewed The APERTURE Guide as a product serving multiple tasks:

  1. To grow awareness of the system to support full-scale RPG projects on Kickstarter;

  2. To test its bounds, learning what it can do and elegant ways to achieve those things;

  3. To explore different topics, themes, and genres, and see what people wanted more of.

Though we’re hitting some intersection of those three points, ‘awareness’ remains a challenge, and that’s something we want to course correct on. Also, we need to shore up some time for family life and the development of those larger Kickstarter projects.

As such, we’re going to make the following changes:

The APERTURE Guide will be turned into a one-time, pay-what-you-want subscription. Whether purchased in the past or the future, you will get all content released for it from hereon out with no need to re-subscribe. We will be making this adjustment in DriveThruRPG in the coming days.

To offset the time required to support the series, we will be targeting one large Scenario per issue and nothing else. This will also go into effect immediately, with the upcoming release of December 2019. We will continue releasing monthly, but the content will be ratcheted down to support the new model.

This should free up time to spend with our children and simultaneously give us the freedom to develop the larger projects we’ve mentioned. But, honestly, it also means that we’re able to invest far more into each Scenario and make sure what we’re putting out is substantive in the same way “Adventures in Rodentia” (from November) was.

We appreciate your understanding during this transition and thank you for all your generous support and feedback! It means so much to know there are people out there who appreciate what we’re doing and who enjoy the system and games as much as we do.