Sep 19

Issue #1 | Summary


Edited: Sep 22

The APERTURE Guide #1 includes the following sections:


1) Introduction

2) Quickstart Rules

3) Scenario 1.1 - "The Edge"

4) Scenario 1.2 - "Collapse"

5) Scenario 1.3 - "Poughkeepsie"

6) Scenario 1.4 - "Punk Engine"


The Introduction covers basic introductory information regarding The APERTURE Guide series: Why it exists, what our goals are with it, etc. The Quickstart Rules provide all the system information necessary for Participants to get up and running with APERTURE. [In future releases, the Quickstart Rules will move to the appendix.]


Scenario 1.1 - "The Edge" is our take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Beyond that, it's really our primary tutorial, allowing an unfettered chance to learn APERTURE.


Scenario 1.2 - "Collapse" gives players the chance to roleplay an event episode of the old medical drama ER. Pay close attention to the Tandem mechanic in the Quickstart Rules, as it is heavily leveraged here.


Scenario 1.3 - "Poughkeepsie" is set in the Wild West and follows a family of settlers as they attempt to steal back their stolen possessions. Features an in-system version of poker and some old school weaponry.


Scenario 1.4 - "Punk Engine" is a steampunk game in which players attempt to rob a heavily weaponized train using a giant robot of their own design. You know, 'cause.


The GUIDES Guide is a brief section that will appear from time to time in future issues to provide suggestions to those people running the games, the Guides. This entry provides an overview of ways to leverage the components of APERTURE to rapidly craft solutions to targeted conditions and the like, as well as a quick guideline around when to apply the Aperture mechanic to account for situational modifiers.